4 Ways Traveling Boosts your Health

In this part of Forage and Nourish I talk about living well while traveling. Sometimes just being outdoors is all we need to revitalize us. Let’s face it, we all want to go a little further than just outside our homes.
My first travel experience was at 19. I got my passport and got on a plane to Canada. Wow, I was amazed! I knew I was hooked on traveling and seeing the world. It’s full of diversity, culture and wonder.
Immune boost
One of the biggest health benefits of traveling is that it helps make your immune responses to bacteria, viruses, and other foreign bodies much stronger. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should be careless about hygiene and sanitation while traveling! What it does is let your body naturally create more antibodies. (These fight against foreign illnesses.) These antibodies make your body stronger over time and protect you from similar illnesses in the future. Now that’s a perk!
Screenshot 2018-06-27 14.04.55
Traveling can definitely help break the shackles and stress of the 9-5 tensions occupying your mind!
Taking a nice little trip away from your city and country will help refresh your mind, do things on your own time and relax. If don’t take a break from these everyday stressors, the amount of the stress hormone cortisol gets elevated; this speeds up the aging process and increases blood sugar levels. Now book that trip on that white sand beach!
For many people, their day-to-day jobs require them to be in an office sitting down most of the time. Even if that is not the case, few jobs actually involve physical activity to the extent that it can adequately burn extra calories. So this is where traveling helps with weight-loss! Watch your steps climb by getting to and from the airport in your new destination or even the sightseeing and tours that you’ll be doing.
Screenshot 2018-06-27 14.04.49
Everything we do in life usually involves finding happiness, but often, we forget that working all the time or allowing our lifestyle to fall into a rut does little to secure the happiness we crave. Therefore, traveling is a great way to immerse yourself in something new and exciting, and it gives you a lot to look forward to.
Going to new places, sightseeing, meeting new people and just immersing yourself in a new culture will all help keep your happy hormones (dopamine and serotonin) flowing.
Screenshot 2018-06-27 14.04.43
Now it’s time to travel! Do you have a destination in mind?

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